How To Reset Your Garage Door’s Limit Switch

Double wood-grain garage doors on a brick home.

When the limit switch on your garage door malfunctions or is incorrectly programmed, the limit switch can prevent the door from properly opening or closing. It may also cause the door to open once the door hits the ground. Fortunately, in most cases, resetting the limit switch will resolve the problem.

When your limit switch fails, always trust a trained technician to resolve it. Our technicians have the tools, training and gentle touch necessary to reset the limit switch without damaging the door or risking a personal injury.

What Is a Limit Switch?

The limit switches on your garage door are mechanical switches that send a signal to your garage door opener when the maximum limit of travel for the garage door is reached during opening/closing.

Essentially, these are safety switches that detect when the door is fully open and closed, and they stop the motor from damaging the door during opening/closing operations. Most doors have one that detects when the door is closed and another that detects when it’s open.

Common Limit Switch Issues & How To Fix Them

Garage door technician inspecting a white two-car garage door on a large brick home.Limit switches can fail for many reasons, including corrosion and component failure. Because there are many potential causes, it’s always best to start with the simplest potential cause, which is that the screws need tightening.

That said, if tightening the limit switch screws doesn’t work, it’s always best to contact a professional to inspect the system and its components.

When the Garage Door Won’t Completely Open

If your garage door won’t open, these steps may resolve the issue:

  • Open the garage door.
  • Once fully opened, carefully measure from the bottom of the garage door to the top of the opening.
  • Grab a flathead screwdriver to adjust the “up” limit switch adjuster. This is usually on the side of the garage door opener and is clearly marked by manufacturers on most models.
  • Turn the screw clockwise to adjust the limit switch. You’ll make roughly one complete turn for every three inches of travel.
  • Test the opening/closing function and adjust as needed. Be careful not to over-adjust the screw, as this could damage the door.

When the Garage Door Won’t Completely Close

The steps are similar when your door won’t close completely. The only difference is that you’ll adjust the “down” limit switch. Turning the screw counterclockwise, you’ll need to make one turn for every three inches of required travel.

When the Door Opens, Then Reopens Again

If the garage door keeps opening and closing, you’ll want to push the button to close the door. Next, adjust the “down” limit switch screw by turning it clockwise one turn. Next, attempt to close the door. Repeat this step until the door remains closed.

Expert Garage Door Repair in Bakersfield, CA

At Kern Door Company, our garage door repair specialists know that a malfunctioning limit switch can cause significant disruption to your day. Our teams have the skills and expertise to promptly identify the cause of the problem and perform the necessary adjustments and repairs.

We adhere to strict safety and quality standards and guarantee we’ll find the problem fast and fix it promptly. We’re always ready to answer your questions and help you find the best solutions.

Call Kern Door Company at (661) 380-7319 to schedule a service in Bakersfield, CA.

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