Insulated vs. Uninsulated Garage Doors: Which Is Better?

Every homeowner wants a safe, comfortable, energy-efficient living space. These needs may lead you to wonder whether you should insulate your garage door.

When the garage is attached to your home or the garage door is part of the building’s facade, adding insulation contributes significantly to the interior environment. This makes the comparison between insulated and uninsulated garage doors worth exploring.

Does Garage Door Insulation Work?

Yes, it does! Insulated garage doors provide many benefits that enhance indoor comfort, energy efficiency, noise reduction, durability and safety. Let’s take a closer look at the pros of insulated garage doors.


The added comfort of an insulated garage door is one of its biggest draws. When you use the garage as part of your living space, or if there’s a bedroom above it, insulation keeps these areas warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This enhances home comfort and protects any crucial items stored in your garage.

Energy Efficiency

Insulation serves as a buffer between indoor and outdoor temperatures. That’s why the Department of Energy recommends insulating every part of your home’s external envelope, including garages and the walls attached to them.

With an insulated garage door, your heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, increasing your home’s energy efficiency and resulting in substantial energy savings over the life of your investment.

Noise Reduction

If you use your garage as a workshop, home gym or other occupied space, a thick, insulated garage door helps with noise pollution. It means you don’t have to worry about bothering people outside with your noisy activities.

Likewise, an insulated garage door significantly reduces sound transfer from outside, including street traffic, airplanes or noisy neighbors. In these ways, garage door insulation makes your home quieter and more peaceful.


Besides acting as a barrier against external temperatures and noise, insulation also enhances the safety and security of your garage. Insulated garage doors are typically heavier and more robust than uninsulated versions, making them more challenging for potential intruders to breach.


Insulated garage doors with two- and three-layer construction feature insulation between a sheet of steel and a layer of vinyl or two sheets of steel. This extra reinforcement makes them more resistant to dents and dings than uninsulated one-layer garage doors, helping them withstand daily wear and tear.

As a result, insulated garage doors typically require less maintenance and retain a more attractive appearance.

Are Insulated Garage Doors Worth It?

While insulated garage doors offer several advantages, you should also know about their downsides. First is the higher upfront cost compared to their uninsulated counterparts. Of course, potential energy savings can pay you back in the long term.

Just be aware that homes in milder climates don’t benefit as much from added insulation because the winter weather isn’t as cold. This means homeowners in Bakersfield, CA, may not see a significant decrease in energy bills. Despite this, the added noise reduction, safety and durability could still be worth the investment.

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