What You Should Do If Your Garage Door Remote Is Broken

A dead battery in your garage door opener or a malfunctioning remote is inconvenient and prevents you from accessing your garage or vehicle. We can help.

Below are tips on what causes a garage door remote to not work, how to reset it and when to call the professionals.

If you need to schedule a garage door remote repair in Bakersfield, CA, contact Kern Door Company today.

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How Do Garage Door Remotes Work?

Garage door drive mechanisms vary by brand and include components like a transmitter, receiver and motor.

Once you press the remote, it sends a signal with a security code to the radio transmitter. After verifying the correct code, the door opens or closes with its motor.

  • Older remotes: DIP switches clear the memory and reset the remote.
  • Newer remotes: These use wireless technology, work with frequency and coding and can include safety features like rolling codes.

Common Garage Door Remote Problems

Common problems that might cause your remote to malfunction include:

Battery Issues

Press the remote’s unlock button. If it doesn’t work, the battery is dead.

Signal Interference

Electronics and physical obstructions can cause interference. To reset your opener, switch to quality LEDs or use less-efficient ones.

Another option is to add cylindrical components called ferrite chokes/beads that attach to LED power cords and filter electromagnetic interference.

Worn Out or Damaged Remote

Signs that your remote is damaged include misaligned components, rust and frayed wires. Contact our garage door specialists to replace or repair your remote.

Programming Issues

Age and outdated equipment can cause programming problems. To keep your remote properly programmed, erase the memory codes, reset the logic board, change the battery and check for interference from the LED bulb.

A Kern Door Company technician repairing a garage door

How to Fix Your Garage Door Remote

To fix your remote, try the following steps below before resetting it:

  • Check and replace batteries: If there are no blinking LED lights, your batteries are likely dead. To change the batteries, remove the remote cover and old batteries, add the new ones and put the cover back on.
  • Inspect for damage: Physical damage might include stuck or malfunctioning buttons or a cracked case. To clean your remote and ensure all buttons function correctly, remove the batteries, wipe it gently with soap and water and clean the crevices near the buttons.
  • Reprogramming the remote: To reset the remote, hold the opener’s “learn/program” button until the light flashes, then do the same with the remote. Consult your owner’s manual for further instructions.

Resetting Your Garage Door Remote

Reset your remote if you have a new remote, garage or vehicle or if your remote displays erratic behavior or is unresponsive.

To reset your remote:

Erase the Old Codes

Find the red, black or purple “learn/home” button near an LED in the motor housing. Press it for 15 seconds until the LED goes out and resets.

Older openers with DIP systems have nine to 12 switches. Toggle these off/on and do the same with the handheld opener.

Reprogram Your Controller

Press the “learn/home” button to reprogram the opener. If you have additional openers, do this with all of them.

Reprogram Your Vehicle

If your vehicle uses Homelink, press the “learn/home” button and have someone else press the Homelink in your vehicle simultaneously until it clicks.

For a successful reset, stay within range and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. If the remote still doesn’t work after troubleshooting, consider replacing it or scheduling professional repair.

Why Choose Kern Door?

Regular maintenance and quick troubleshooting can keep your remote functioning properly and ensure convenient access to your garage. Garage openers provide added security, so let us know if your garage door won’t close.

Kern Door Company provides the highest-quality residential and commercial garage door services. We have excellent reviews, online promotions and flexible payment options. You can rely on us for your garage door needs.

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